Marion Woodman Foundation Intensives®

Tara sunrise courtesy of Marian Dunlea

Marion Woodman Foundation Intensives® - or BodySoul Intensives - are programs of six to seven days that offer a chance to engage in a deep process using the core of the work. Together with lectures and presentations, intensives include the exploration of dreams, movement, voice, masks, creative expression, and ritual. Each participant has the opportunity to access and use her own imagery to discover her authentic self, listen to her own dreams in her own body, and speak with a free and open voice. Held in a retreat setting, the format is intensive with morning, afternoon, and evening sessions. Marion Woodman Foundation Intensives® take place in a variety of locations in different countries including Mexico, Ireland, Switzerland, Canada, and the United States.

Most intensives are designed for women new or relatively new to BodySoul work as well as for those who wish to continue pursuing their unfolding process. Intensives focus on individual experience. The length and depth of the intensives allows participants to engage in this work to gain an embodied understanding of the theory it is based on. The intensives can be taken as many times as desired; the learning continues and deepens. We recommend taking one intensive a year, to allow adequate time after the program to integrate the material released at the intensive.

Intensives are designed for women who have completed a minimum of 50 hours of Jungian analysis or therapy and a minimum of 50 hours of bodywork, or consent of instructor. Although Jungian analysis/therapy is preferred, since this work is based on Jungian psychology, other forms of therapy will be considered. Please inquire. Required bodywork is active using imagery and conscious attention such as yoga, tai chi, Authentic Movement, Feldenkrais, etc.

Programs begin and end at the various locations. Participants make their own travel arrangements; detailed information is sent to those who enroll. These programs are residential, and costs for lodging and meals are included in the fees.

Please see the list of programs, including course descriptions, faculty bios, and complete logistical information.

Those who wish to enroll can do so on this website at How to Enroll.

The Marion Woodman Foundation cannot make assurances that listed programs or service providers on this website meet the needs of, or are suitable for, any particular individual. The appearance on the website of information about programs and workshop facilitators does not constitute an endorsement by the Marion Woodman Foundation. The Marion Woodman Foundation cannot be held liable for any damages or actions arising from the attendance at or use of informational materials, workshops, seminars or training programs. You as a user of this website acknowledge and agree to this disclaimer when you click through to a listed program or contact any of the program facilitators.

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